Hey there! I'm Makeen Osman, the photographer behind Makeen Osman Photography. Today, let's dive into why I'm all about full sessions and how they can truly capture the essence of your story. Forget about rushing through mini-sessions – let's explore the remarkable advantages of taking our time and creating something truly special together!

Let's Make it Personal

When it comes to your photography experience, personal attention is everything. That's why, here at Makeen Osman Photography, I'm all about making it personal. By focusing exclusively on full sessions, I can give you my undivided attention, getting to know your unique needs, preferences, and the story you want to tell through your photographs.

Unveiling Authentic Moments

We all know that authentic moments can't be rushed. That's why I'm a firm believer in extended full sessions. We'll have the time to let the real you shine through. No need to force poses or fake smiles – we'll create a relaxed atmosphere where you can truly be yourself. The result? Genuine, natural-looking photographs that capture the essence of who you are.

Let's Get Creative

I love pushing the boundaries of creativity, and full sessions allow me to do just that. With no time constraints, we can explore different poses, styles, and compositions that truly reflect your personality. Together, we'll create stunning images that stand out and make a lasting impression. Let's unleash our creative spirits and capture something extraordinary!

The World as Our Canvas

When it comes to locations, the sky's the limit! Whether it's a beautiful park-like Minnehaha Falls in the family photos below, the cozy comfort of your own home like the family portrait above, a unique venue, or even my studio in Blaine, I'll find the perfect backdrop for your session. With full sessions, we have the freedom to venture beyond the ordinary, creating a personalized experience that showcases your individuality.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Photography should be an enjoyable experience, not a race against the clock. That's why I love full sessions. We'll take our time, allowing you to relax, feel at ease, and embrace the moment. As we capture your interactions, relationships, and special moments, you can simply enjoy the ride, knowing that the memories we create together will be cherished for a lifetime.

Your Vision, Your Session

At Makeen Osman Photography, collaboration is key. I want to hear your vision, your ideas, and your dreams for your photography session. With full sessions, we have the opportunity to customize every aspect to make it uniquely yours. We'll incorporate meaningful props, themes, and ideas that truly reflect your personality and tell your story. Let's make your session an authentic reflection of who you are.

Building Connections for Authentic Portraits

I'm all about building genuine connections. Creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is essential to capturing authentic portraits. Through our full sessions, we'll get to know each other, building rapport and trust. This connection will allow us to capture your true essence, resulting in portraits that radiate authenticity.

Cherish the Moments Forever

With full sessions, we'll create a comprehensive collection of cherished memories that you can treasure for a lifetime. Every image becomes a priceless keepsake, capturing the essence of your unique journey. I want your photographs to evoke the emotions and memories that make life truly beautiful.


So, why settle for anything less than a full session with Makeen Osman Photography? Let's make it personal, authentic, and creative. Together, we'll embark on a journey to create stunning images that you will be proud to showcase for years to come!