How to prepare for your getting ready photos

Hey there, beautiful bride-to-be! As a wedding photographer, I know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and capturing every single moment is crucial. That's why getting ready photos are so special – they're a glimpse into the anticipation, excitement, and pure joy of the moments leading up to your walk down the aisle.

So, how do you make sure you get the best possible getting ready photos? Here are some tips I've learned over the years!

Get your details ready!

First things first, make sure you have all your details ready. This includes your dress, shoes, jewelry, bouquet, and any other accessories you'll be wearing. When I arrive to take your getting-ready photos, I'll want to start photographing all these beautiful details right away, so having everything in one place and easily accessible is key. Keeping them in a shoe box really helps!

Don't forget the groom's ring! Better yet, if the groom would like me to photography any details for him, I would advise him to also have his items prepared in a show box.

Pick the Perfect Location

Choosing the right location for getting ready photos is crucial. I recommend a hotel room or an Airbnb with plenty of natural light and neutral walls. It's also important to make sure the room is tidy and uncluttered – no one wants to see piles of laundry in the background of their wedding photos! However, with that said, let your personal vibe show, if you like a space that is moody, then please by all means choose that location! Many times, I will show up and take a walk to see if there is a better location if there is not one available or if the room is crowded.

Plan Ahead

On the day of your wedding, time flies by faster than you can imagine. That's why it's important to plan ahead and be on time. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, and don't forget to factor in travel time and any unexpected delays. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and stressed out on your wedding day. I always recommend brides to spend the night at the same location they are getting ready so there is no stress and everything is there on your big day. In cases where that is not possible, having all your items ready to go in labeled, easy-to-carry boxes will make it easy for anyone to help you move them.

Have Fun with your bridesmaids

Getting ready with your bridesmaids is one of the most fun parts of your wedding day. Enjoy the moment, be present, and let the laughter and excitement flow. Trust me, the more relaxed and happy you are, the better your photos will turn out! I love photographing this portion as it really helps set the tone for your day and get everyone in a great mood.

Dont forget the groom

While the getting-ready photos often focus on the bride, don't forget about the groom! Make sure your photographer captures some getting ready moments with your groom and his groomsmen. The contrast between the two sets of photos will make for a beautiful and well-rounded story of your wedding day. It also helps to have the groom close by but in case that is not possible, you can have your photographer send an assistant or allot time to photograph the groomsmen when the bride is having brunch.

Have your hair and Makeup Professionally done

Having your hair and makeup professionally done is a must for your wedding day. Not only will it ensure you look your best, but it'll also help your photos turn out even better. Professional makeup artists and hairstylists know how to make you look your absolute best on camera, and they'll know how to adjust for lighting and other factors that can affect your photos. Remember to also ask them for touchup makeup for your use throughout the day!

Include Loved ones

Consider inviting your closest friends or family members to share the getting-ready experience with you. Their presence can create joyful and emotional moments, which can be beautifully captured in your photos. Whether it's your bridesmaids helping you with final touches or a special moment with your parents, these interactions can add depth and warmth to your images.

RELAX and enjoy the moment!

Remember that getting ready photos are not just about capturing the perfect poses; they're about documenting the genuine emotions, connections, and excitement leading up to your wedding ceremony. Take a deep breath, relax, and savor the moments. Allow yourself to be fully present and enjoy the process. Trust your photographer to capture the beauty and essence of this time.

Preparing for your getting ready photos on your wedding day can significantly enhance the outcome of these cherished moments. By communicating with your photographer, selecting the right location, keeping the space tidy, gathering your details, allowing ample time, including loved ones, and embracing the moment, you'll be well-prepared to create beautiful and meaningful memories. Remember, the key is to relax, enjoy, and trust your photographer's expertise to capture the magic of your getting ready experience.

There is also no harm in getting in a few zzzz's